January 4, 2006, 3:00 pm
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Primo ed unico gruppo psichedelico della ValMontone

Giannelli Lorenzo —> Batteria

Tassinari Nicolò —> Chitarra

Mantellini Alberto —> Chitarra

Vespignani Claudio —> Basso

Cagnani Michele —> Tastiera


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The first and only psychedelic rock-band ever existing in the Valmontone, between Romagna and Toscana in the deep north of Italy. They disbanded in July 2004 after their second public appearance, as they couldn’t override their limits. They just completed their mission.
They released 4 cds between October 2003 and May 2004 on the small label Webb Records: “Zibro Blues”, “Tibet Metallic Trip”, “Double Demon” and “Sacrifice”. In October 2004 a 2cd compilation of unreleased songs, “People feel bad” was released as an epitaph for the band.

The line-up often changed, with the basic trio of former members consisting of the carismathic and eclectic leader Garghy (drums), Nico Hippy (guitar and vocals) and Webb (bass and vocals). The other members that were involved in the band: Albertinello (sg guitar), Mitch (organ), Meo (saxophone), Salghen (percussion and birimbao jio).

Their albums featuread an equal proportion of covers and self-composed track, always in the name of freedom in music, inspired by the huge and mystic atmosphere that surrounds the Massetta’s studio, that lies in the green hills of Dovadola, a 1500 people village.

It could be really hard to rate their music, only the word “psychedelic”, in its widest term, can barely define the personal style. Almost a shocking experience, between mysticism and physics…

The Gargamella’s experience, after 18 months, still leaves a significant mark in the existence.

Comment by webbatici

my preferred group………….fentastic…
I love gargamella (poliedric leader and carismatic drummer)………..wonderfull…

Comment by mitch

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